The Crystallographic Horoscope - Too Orangey For Renae.

Renae, Too Orangey For Renae.

The Crystallographic Horoscope

Good memories

All this track and field stuff on TV is bringing back memories from my youth. Good memories. From the age of 11 I lived and breathed sports, and above all track and field. I was on the school team for basketball, handball and volleyball, as well as on the track team. I practiced every day after school, and at home too. I even had my own, home made long jump pit in the garden. I competed at school in long jump, high jump, shot put, and 100 meters. I still have diplomas from winning first price at long jump and ...

tomato soup

Because there is not much time this evening and tomorrow evening I decided to make a big pot of soup. I asked the children which soup they preferred and they both said on the same time: tomato soup. That is definitely their favorite! I make this soup of fresh tomatoes, vegetables such as carrots, zucchini, and leek and with small meatballs. I take some Provencal herbs to season it. My mother made it this way when I was young and both my sister as I make it still at the same way she did. Meanwhile our tomato soup is famous ...

Twice as fast.

This afternoon there is really nothing we have to do. I will collect the children from school. Before that I have to collect a package with some clothes I ordered on the internet. The package is left in a store and that is on my way to the school of our children. My husband is at home because he had some complaints of neckache after a bad night. I think he is quite too busy these days when a lot of colleagues are having holiday and he has to work twice as fast as normal. Now he knows why he ...

muffin trays

If you really want to impress your visitors on a birthday party you are doing a great job by making lots of cup cakes. The best way is to make them with colored frostings,creamy forms or other nice looking candy on top of it. So they look like a real sweet mixed color explosion. Those little sweet cakes have to be presented on special trays so it looks like a tower of small cakes. It is great to see the kid’s faces when they see the colorful sweet muffins tower. They cannot wait to pick one, I’m sure of it.